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  1. hotline:086-13872111696
    Hubei Huangshi Torch Technology Industrial -Professional foundry resin production technology enterprises
    Welcome to Hubei Huangshi Torch Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Hubei Huangshi Torch Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. is a civil and welfare enterprise led by Huangshi Civil Affairs Bureau. At present, it is the vice president unit of the Welfare Enterprise Working Committee of China Association of Social Welfare.

    The company was founded in 2000. It takes technological development and technological innovation as guidelines and helping the disabled find jobs as work schedule. The company has been rated as 2005 national excellent welfare enterprise and president of the company has been evaluated as national welfare enterprise excellent entrepreneur. The company attended the 2005 national welfare enterprise advanced unit commend conference in Huangshi region.

    The company has a powerful leading group and highly-qualified staff team and technical experts. 90% of the employees have bachelor degree or above, and 2/3 of administrative staffs have medium/high grade professional titles. Torch is a comprehensive enterprise that engages in researching and developing mechanical equipment and metallurgical equipment, and in manufacturing accessories. The company passed the ISO9001:2000 quality certification in 2005.